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What is a non-correction?

A non-correction is a piece of work, microblading or permanent make-up, that was not done properly. In many cases, the type of work done was by people who are not professionals and lack the training, methods or proper equipment to do a procedure. In some instances, some of those procedures can be corrected and in other cases, they may not be. 

When can it be corrected?

Several factors come into play for a procedure to be able to be corrected. Some of those factors are outlined below​

  • Your old procedure has faded enough to have a new procedure (PMU, meaning the ink is barely visible)

  • Your skin has healed and most of the pigment was not retained (microblading)

When can it not be corrected?

Just as there are factors in play when it comes to correcting a bad procedure, there are times when it is uncorrectable for some time. We list some of the times when this applies

  • Your procedure was done in a time frame of  4 weeks (applies to PMU and microblading)

  • Your skin is has not healed completely

  • The skin is infected

  • The pigment is saturated (is solid)

For PMU procedures, laser tattoo removal is recommended.

We want to stress the fact that to have the best diagnosis of next steps a consultation is warranted. Microblading Denver reserves the right to refuse the performing of any procedure, including corrections if we so deem.

Non-Corrections examples

The following are examples of non-corrections. These images were obtained from the internet. Microblading Denver does not own the rights to them. 

2019-01-02 10.04.15 pm.png
2019-01-02 09.35.43 pm.png

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