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Microblading @MBD


Got home and put on my glasses.


Love, love, love my eyebrows.

Barely any redness.

Thank you again!!

Microblading @ MBD

Jannet W. 

Marlene is THE BEST!

Microblading @ MBD

B. Stjarna

Marlene is so great and does such great work. Looking forward to seeing her again. She's the only one who has ever done my brows. 

Microblading @ MBD, brow services

Koto L.

Marlene did such an amazing job. I'm super happy with the shape and color of my brows. Thank you, I'll be a repeat customer.

After and Before, Microblading @MBD

Vicki M.

Marlene did my brows.

She knows what she’s doing!

I’m happy to find a place where I can confidently get permanent makeup.

Las Lift @ MBD

Paula P.

Before and After, Microblading @ MBD

Laura M.

Marlene is great to work with. She does a great job microblading and I trust her explicitly.

Microblading @ MBD

April Z.

She takes the time to answer all your questions and be comfortable with no doubts.

Microblading @ MDB

Maria R.

Absolutely amazed by the work Marlene has done on my eyebrows!

I will continue to refer family and friends to her.

She is the absolute best!

Darren A.

Kendra C.

Had my eyebrows done here a year ago and they still look amazing!

Gail C.

So happy with my experience at Microblading Denver! Marlene is AWESOME! The epitome of an expert! ... Highly, highly recommend!

Duffy C.

I have been a client for 3 years. She [Marlene] has an innate attention to detail.

Corey K.

To say that Marlene is a rockstar is an understatement.

Yolanda H.


Just got my brows done and I love them.


She is the best... I love my ombré brows! She exceeded my expectations!

Kimberly L.

Very friendly and professional. I definitely recommend her.

Jessica L.

Your happiness with the end result is her ultimate goal.

Jaclyn L.

Marlene was AWESOME!

Extremely natural look.

Jenny H.

I went today and am very happy! Marlene was thorough, personable, educated ...


Completely Satisfied!


Amazing experience and I would highly recommend Marlene to everyone.

Moriah H.

She turned my nearly hairless brows into natural looking, beautiful pieces of art.

Heather S.

Love my brows

Ranelle R.

I highly recommend Marlene.


I am so happy with the results and service I have received here! 

Alyssa S.

Marlene was awesome... I got the natural look I wanted.

Amriptal B.

WOW! ! I left feeling amazing.

Margaret S.

Marlene is AMAZING.

She is worth every dime. 

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