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Hey There Again...

Hi. How to retake thoughts to paper? Thankfulness.

It is not only a personal thing that this year has been a battled one. It has been a year complete with a full array of challenges, from the most impactful to the least noticed. People have battled this year with many things that need to go away. Others have battled with perceptions and the feelings that come with those. There are those who battled and lost, unfortunately. This has happened here and elsewhere, it has been a very downer of a year to say it mildly.

It has been the year of figuring things out with people close to you, who happen to be far. Resourcefulness has been on the top of everyone's mind. Which ever mechanism we have devised, created or morphed to move through 2020 have made us more aware of the things that we should cherish individually and as a whole.

This has made me be thankful for everything in my life. Everything that has come and gone. Everything that has come and stayed. My deepest wishes for everyone as we get into the holiday season and wind down this year is, that you find your thankfulness for the grandiose and the minute, for it does not matter the size of the thought, or sentiment, if it is what has gotten you through this dark time be thankful.


Microblading Denver

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