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Microblading is NOT for Men.

Wait. Microblading is for men. Many cosmetic procedures have been embraced lately by men. This comes after years of proven track record of women enjoying the benefits of said procedures. Hair treatments, botox to fight wrinkles or decrease sweat, laser hair removal, small nips and tucks here and there. However, when it comes to microblading men had been hesitant to embrace such a procedure that is traditionally an enhancement of natural beauty. More conservative men, and even men who would be open to said procedures were leaving microblading behind.

A common concern for men is, that make-up, let alone semi-permanent make-up, would change their appearance drastically and would bestow upon them a more feminine appearance. Although a legitimate concern, microblading can be performed on men and ease that fear altogether. Men should be aware of what microblading constitutes for them as it does differ from the women’s procedure, even if the differences are subtle.

The technique for microblading does not change regardless of gender. The same tools are used for the procedure. What changes is the way that the brow is mapped. This is because microblading was designed to give you a better face. Your brows aid in framing your face. Due to the different face structures, a man’s brows will be mapped differently than that of a woman’s.

Following the natural hair pattern correctly is a skill developed by professionals. Not microblading the full brow and only doing a fill-in procedure to give the brow volume or continuity backfires as their will be a clear deviation between the real brow and the microbladed section.

As for matching the hair color with pigments used, it is always best to utilize a lighter color on the first phase of the procedure, and darken if needed at the 6 week mark. If you are considering on getting this procedure done, it must be understood that the pigment will fade with time, and that in between the first phase and second phase of the procedure this will also happen. As the ink is retained, and some is lost due to the skin healing, the shade of the pigment will change. That is the sole purpose of a retouch taking place 6 weeks later, to give final shade, shape and sometimes volume to the brows. It is good to know that the shade recommended also has to be balanced against your skin tone. To get there a great after-care routine is monumental in taking care of the new brows.

In the past week we’ve microbladed several men, which marks a growing demand for this procedure. These men range in age from mid 30’s and up. They come from diverse backgrounds and hold different types of jobs. IT, accountants, hairstyles and dads too.

Microblading is gender neutral, but more importantly, it is for people who want to reframe their face and enhance their natural beauty.

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