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This year in brows

Brows. Brows. Brows.

As it stands, the trend for eyebrows in 2023 is predicted to be the most diverse and experimental yet, with a range of styles expected to be popular. Beauty experts believe that the straight-across brow, which has been popular in East Asia for some time, will become more widespread in the US thanks to some celebrities. The trend for fluffy eyebrows is also expected to continue, while bleached eyebrows are predicted to make a comeback. However, the trend for skinny eyebrows, popularized in the 1990s, is not expected to return.

Most people are expected to seek out the best version of their natural eyebrows, with the shape being more important than size. The Golden Ratio, a mathematical formula used to determine the most aesthetically pleasing proportions, is expected to be widely used in shaping eyebrows. Said formula is used to create the best version of brows possible for each individual.

It must be stated that the measurements needed to complete the brow mapping is to be accounted for, but it is not the only thing that creates an impact. Examinations of skin type in relation to its oily or dry nature will impact the the procedure, Also, the Fitzpatrick scale helps determine, in conjunction with the others, what the true options available are for each individual.

It has been a practice for us at Microblading Denver to always layout the full array of options available. This allows us to guide our clients to their best choices. Microblading was developed as a way to give the natural look that works with the bone structure. A powder brow is a more dramatic effect which eludes to always having makeup on.

We don’t bleach brows. Yet we can get you a set of ombré, powder or microbladed brows. All explained with expertise and backed by our experience.


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