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Permanent Make-up & Its Benefits

Up until recently, it’s been believed that women who choose to have permanent make-up done is simply due to vanity.

In fact, permanent make-up is a fantastic option for many women. There are a plethora of reasons as to how we arrive at that conclusion. Some women experience a shortage of time in their day and thus can’t dedicate a lot of time to their daily make-up routine. It could be that a client has lost hair in the brow area because of burning of skin texture, perhaps a skin condition like alopecia is present. They may be cancer survivors. Whatever the reason is, permanent make-up can be a real answer to the absence of brow hair. Coincidently, lips can also see a benefit from said procedures. Fading and irregularities can be corrected to give a better aesthetic. These types of procedures allow women to have minimum effort and experience maximum results in daily life.

All women who choose to have these procedures done arrive at that decision for different reasons, yet some are more common than others. I am presenting six of the most common reasons why women tend to choose having permanent make-up done.

1. It saves time.

Permanent make-up offers busy moms, as well as busy, professionals like businesswomen or doctors the ability to wake up every morning, and not have to stress about the time needed to apply a full make-up routine. Some opt for not having any make-up in addition to their procedure reducing that time spent to nothing.

2. Enhances natural beauty

Permanent make-up works to highlight and build upon the beauty possessed by the person already. The natural, blended-in result is one that is the most sought after. In most cases, the procedure is undetectable, which affords women the option to use regular make-up on top to further embellish their appearance if so desired. It allows for versatility with a great foundation.

3. Excellent option for athletes

Women athletes can benefit from permanent makeup as well. These women tend to have a packed schedule with intense workout routines, meets or competitions. All of which promote a huge bodily function: sweat. This great function is not a good one for make-up, or at least the traditional kind. Permanent make-up allows for athletes to bring their femininity fully into whichever sport they practice, compete in, or share with others.

4. It saves money

Women looking into permanent usually point out the cost of these procedures as being prohibitive in certain instances. Yet, the truth is that for a modest cost running in the hundreds of dollars, the procedure is actually less expensive when comparing it to traditional make-up. Whether having brows, eyeliner or lip procedures done, the cost savings can be witnessed when comparing the bottom line. Another point to take into account is that permanent make-up is by essence waterproof. No matter how well marketed a waterproof cosmetic is there is no substitute for permanent make-up.

5. Less prone to cause allergies

There are many candidates for permanent make-up which opt for procedures because they’ve experienced allergies and discomfort with traditional make-up. If ceasing chronic redness and overworked tear ducts caused by traditional make-up is a goal of yours, permanent make-up can be the answer. Having an allergy test, like a patch test, is always recommended before having any permanent make-up procedure. It is to be noted however, that the pigments used for permanent make-up are not composed of the same types of allergens as traditional make-up.

6. Ideal for people with medical (certain) conditions

The procedure that comprise permanent make-up are a huge benefit for people who suffer from hair loss. Does not matter if it’s by the way of alopecia, scars or chemotherapy. These procedures can become a new highlight for the person who chooses to have these done. When it comes to microblading, it can effectively imitate natural hair. Naturally.

It should be stated that there are always contraindications to procedures, no matter how small they may seem. It is imperative that a client consultation be carried out before any type of procedure is perform. The consultation delivers the determination as to whether the prospective candidate is in fact a candidate for the procedure in which they are interested.

If you would like to find out more about our procedures or have general questions about permanent make-up, you can reach us by going to our FAQs by clicking here.

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